Q: How old does my child have to be to participate in First Tee-Phoenix? 

A: First Tee – Phoenix golf course programming contains a nationally recognized character development curriculum. The weekly program is for ages 7 years – high school graduation. Tiny Teez classes are offered once a month for kids aged 4-6 in the Winter, Spring, and Fall months.  Go here for more info on Tiny Teez:  Tiny Teez info

Q: Where are First Tee-Phoenix facilities located? 

A: First Tee-Phoenix has 14 Programming Locations where classes are offered throughout the year. 

Q: How much does First Tee-Phoenix Membership cost and how much are the classes?  

A: The program has an annual fee of $155.00, which covers junior golf classes for 8 week sessions in the Winter, Spring, and Fall.  Registration is required for each of these 3 sessions, and we also offer an orientation for new members during the first week of classes.  Participants can register for 1 weekly class each session.  Registration is open for the first 2 weeks of the session.  Go here for more information and to register:  Registration Info

During the summer, we have weekly summer camps for a cost of $50 each week.  Summer camps are Monday – Thursday in the mornings and we offer 6 weeks of summer camps in June & July.  Participants can register for one or multiple camps during the summer.

If anyone cannot afford the cost, financial assistance available to participants and are awarded on a case-by-case method based on individual needs.  No child is turned away due to financial reasons.  You can apply for financial assistance during the online registration process. 

Q: What is included in membership? 

  • Junior golf classes throughout the year (Winter Session, Spring Session, & Fall Session classes–Summer Camps are extra cost) 
  • Golf clubs provided at junior golf classes (if needed) 
  • Member Tournaments: Tournament Info
  • Invites to Special Events 
  • Family Fun Events 
  • And More! 

Q: What class does I register my child for? 

A: We have an age-based program for our junior golf classes, so you will find the class that has your child’s age range.  We have curriculum designed for these age groups 7-9 yrs old, 10-11 yrs old, 12-13 yrs old, and 14-18 yrs old.  Note that some classes may have combined age groups. 

Q: What is Ace class? 

In the game of golf, an Ace is one of the most exciting achievements. It requires some skill, a commitment to the game, and even a little luck. At First Tee, Ace is the capstone experience, which allows committed and engaged participants to demonstrate their understanding of First Tee’s life and golf skills as they apply their acquired knowledge and First Tee’s key commitments to four projects.   

Ace Program Eligibility  

  • To be considered as qualified for Ace, participants must be:  
  • at least 14 years old  
  • have a minimum of 3 years in the program; and a minimum of attendance at 2 sessions per year  
  • have successfully completed the Optional Skills Challenge in 14+ Curriculum (or previous Eagle certification)  
  • are assessed as ready by the Chapter (I send over the attached file for them to fill out—could be done audibly as well)